About Endless Knot

Endless Knot Games is a British publisher, based in Liverpool, dedicated to publishing products and games for tabletop role-playing.

Established in 2018, we are focused on a digital-first publishing model where we create products that are designed to be read and used in digital format.

Endless Knot was founded by Gary Smailes who has a wide experience of the publishing industry and, over the years, has worked as a writer, historian, editor and researcher.

Gary has written a number of history books for children, including the Brave Scot series, the Modern Hero series and the BattleBooks series. He has more than twenty titles in print with various publishers. He also worked closely for many years with the successful author Terry Deary as the researcher for the ever popular Horrible Histories books, TV series and film. He continues to write for children and adults, though in recent years has focused on working closely with the table-top role-playing industry. He is represented by literary agent Andrew Lownie.

In 2007, Gary founded of leading editorial consultancy BubbleCow.

Gary regularly speaks publically about publishing, the writing process and self-publishing. His TED talk about publishing can be viewed online.