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Albion Bestiary

Bestiary based on creatures from Arthurian myths.

Fifteen creatures reimagined to provide depth, realism and story development potential to your games.

D&D 5e compatible.

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Fifteen creatures have been specially selected from Arthurian myths and reimagined to provide new and exciting role-playing opportunities. Each creature has been described in a way that allows them to fit realistically in a medieval-themed world, each with their own niches within the ecosystem, predictable behaviours, and detailed life cycles.


These crocodile-like creatures are private but dangerous, preferring to hunt in the secluded waters close to their homes. However, their strange looks and secretive ways mean that they have become the focus of several human cults.


A first glance the barghest could easily be mistaken for a large black dog, but on closer inspection, their red eyes soon give away the fact that these lethal creatures are no domestic pet. Many believe the barghest to possess shape-shifting powers and some even consider them to be spirits of the dead.


Bluecaps are small goblinoid creatures that spend their lives in the dark gloom of underground caves. Wary of humans, they are rarely seen, though some reports exist of them helping miners, for a small fee, of course. Peaceful by nature they can be lethal if crossed.

Bog Spirit

These bog-dwelling goblinoids are private, peaceful and secretive by nature, preferring to hide away rather than meet and mingle. However, they are aggressively protective of their environment and can turn out to be deadly foes for unsuspecting humans.


Many a village has been thrown into complete chaos by a boggart infestation. These rude and arrogant goblins like nothing more than to take up 'residence' in an unsuspecting human's home. Though often initially little more than an annoyance, boggarts can quickly turn into lethal enemies.


Often mistaken for mermaids, buccas are, in fact, water-dwelling goblins. Years of adaptation have seen them perfectly developed for life in the ocean. Fisherman often consider the sight of a bucca as a sign of good luck, though their peaceful coexistence can quickly become a much more dangerous affair.


Those rumours of a sea monster living in the local lake are almost certainly true if an eachy has taken residence. These huge water-dwelling creatures are secretive by nature and can live undetected for many years in deep freshwater lakes.

Elder Mother

Half-tree and half-human, elder mothers are one of the strangest creatures to be found hidden deep in ancient forests. They are able to control nearby vegetation and even protect themselves with the release of poisonous spores, and that's not to mention their bizarre life cycle!


Stories of giants are commonplace but do we really understand much about them? Did you know that stupid, or lazy, giants are exiled from their communities? Or that they have spent hundreds of years breeding oversized cattle? Or that some have developed the taste for human flesh?

Quest Beast

No one knows the origins for the questing beast; one-third snake, one-third big cat, and one-third deer, this strange creature is the source of many legends. What is known is that great herds once roamed freely, but today you will be lucky to find a single specimen.

Red Cap

These pesky goblinoid creatures like nothing more than to find some deserted ruins to make their home. They spend years digging out complex tunnels and chambers for their communities to live in peace. However, if threatened they are quick to attack.


Combine a weird wasp and a dead body and, if you are truly unlucky (or cursed), you'll end up with a revenant. These creatures are nothing more than reanimated corpses determined to stay 'alive' long enough to allow their wasp masters to breed.


Spriggans are the trickiest of the goblins! At first, appearing to be nothing more than a defenseless suffering mass of stinking fur, they quickly reveal their true nature, expanding in height and exposing their deadly claw-like fingers. These creatures have been the demise of many an unwary traveler.


Wodwos learned many hundreds of years ago that mixing with humans brings nothing but trouble. These large human creatures are secretive in nature, preferring to make their homes high in mountains or deep in woods. They never take well to being disturbed. You have been warned.


Giant snakes with deadly poison, need you know more? Wyrms are fortunately uncommon but when they venture too close to human settlements, havoc soon ensues. At first, they will be content to take local livestock, but it will not be long before they gain a hunger for human meat.